Stump Lane

Writing is something that most people want to improve. There are so many cross applications with writing and how it applies to web marketing. Here I chronicle some of the successes and struggles I face every day in my writing endeavors.

There are other things I enjoy doing that help inspire my writing, such as taking double decker bus tours, visiting budget travel sites, or simply taking a moment to recharge my batteries on a weekend getaway.

I began writing a few years ago. It all started with the simple need to communicate with people on a daily basis for business. Once social media entered into the picture, my desire to develop my writing skills in different mediums and get them out to a hungry audience. 

Lately, you may have heard about how popular Kindle Books are becoming. They are on nearly 30 million devices. The great benefit to getting started with Kindle Ebook publishing is the low out of pocket costs and huge audience. I am really excited about the opportunity to dive in and develop my first Ebook over the next couple of months. 


Some people are making a great living from publishing ebooks on the internet. How much?? Well, some are making 6 figures a year off this method. Yes, there are other ways to build a business, but many people want something that is passive in nature and doesn’t require a huge investment up front with no guarantee of success. 

There are a few steps that I have found are essential to creating an Ebook. The first and foremost is that it has to be relevant to the reader. Too many people are just throwing up PLR type material and hoping that it drives sales. The book should be there to provide as much value as possible to the readers. The second step is to research what people want to know and whether or not there is a market for the subject you are writing on. 

Just having some of the basics down, I will spend the next few weeks crafting something worthwhile and seeing whether there is enough room to really use the material in a short story. I am also researching who would be good to create a cover. has some different cover people who are good at graphics. 

As with anything, you have to keep cost in mind. How much do you price your Ebooks? Many people say that $2.99 is a good starting point. It is cheap enough so that most people don’t mind risking that low amount on something that can keep them occupied for a few hours. It is important to look at what other EBooks in the same category are pricing their products for and use that as a reflection for your price offering. 

Development of a particular brand and then sending it forward is a tactic that several authors I know are using. With the advent of EBooks, the accessibility of resources is increasing. People are using these tools to become better at a trade or increase their skill in general. I’m always thinking about new ways to market things that I enjoy. I am however a little concerned that EBook publishing is going to be a fad, something here today but as with any gravy train could eventually go bye bye tomorrow.